FAQ - Mini loudspeaker

. Stylish active speaker with 32W PMPO buil-in amplifier
. Perfect for PC applications
. Powerful bass reflex system
. Trackball volume control for fingertip adjustment
. Trackball bass control
. Magnetically shielde to prevent damage to TV/monitor or
  credit cards
. AC/DC adaptor
. Battery powered (8xR6 batteries)

Speaker size                      4" full range
Frequency range                   50-22.000 Hz
Impedance passive                 4 Ohm
Impedance active                  10,000 Ohm
PMPO                              32 W
Max. music power                  2x 8 W
Bass reflex system                X
Click together                    -
Wall mounting possibility         -
Magnetic shielded speakers        -
Adjustable listening position     -
Surround sound                    -
Foldable                          -
Built-in amplifier                X

Volume control                    X
On/off power switch               X
On/off power indication           X
On/off active/passive switch      X
Dynamic bass boost                -
Bass control                      X
Treble control                    -
Incredible sound option           -

Interlink cable                   1.0 m
Source cable length               1.0 m
Cable connection                  3.5 mm jack
Power supply
  Battery                         8x 1.5 V, R6
  AC/DC adaptor                   9V/1A
Automatic power shut off          -
Operation time (battery)          40 hrs (Alk.)
Weight                            1900 g

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