FAQ - Camcorder car charger

In-car universal battery charger that works from a cigarette lighter
and is suitable for use with 6-7.2-9.6 V camcorder batteries. The
battery charger lead can also be used to power your camcorder
directly from the car battery.

Suitable for                 Universal car battery charger
                             for 6-7.2-9.6V camcorder batteries.
                             Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Hitachi, Canon
Input                                      DC 10..15 V, 1.5 A
Output: Battery charge                     1 A
        Direct power supply                1.2 A
Dimension (HxWxD)                          150x68x53 mm
Weight                                     192 g
Power source:
        12 V Car-battery                   X
        12-15 V AC/DC (centre -)           X
        Discharging current                -
        Charging curremt                   Approx. 900 mA
AC/DC adaptor included                     -
Cable + plug for cigarette lighter soket   X
Alarm (below 1 V discharge)                -
Automatic switch-off at 1 V/cell           X
Security fuse                              X
Charging indicator                         -
Battery status indicator (tester) 4-LED    -
Pouch (imitation leather)                  X
Self-adhasive mounteners (dashb.)          2
Adaptor plates for different batteries     2
DC-plugs for different cameras             5
Extra power cable                          1
Instructions for use                       in 7 languages
Service codenumber                         4822 015 20563

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