FAQ - Accessory camcorder

. Compact, easy to use camcorder mixer
. Adds (stereo) music, speech and sound effects to camcorder tape
. Enables easy editing of original tape sound
. Add voice-overs or musical background

Frequency response            40 Hz-14 kHz
Signal to Noise               >40 dB
Channel separation            >25 dB
Distortion (1 kHz, 0 dB)      <0.02

Logarithmic volume control    X

Input sensitivity
  Microphone                  -60 dB/600 Ohm
  Music                       -16 dB/16 kOhm
  Audio                       -16 dB/16 kOhm
Output level
  Master                      -8 dB/5 kOhm
  Microphone                  -60 dB/600 Ohm
  Phone                       120 mV/32 Ohm

Suitable for                  Adding music or narration to
                                original recording
Weight                        297 g
Dimensions (HxWxD)            190x122x42 mm
Power source                  1 x 9 V battery
  9 V battery                 X
  9 V AC/DC (centre -)        X
Battery included              X
Cables included               X
Cable A, Stereo camera audio  2RCA-2RCA (cinch)
Cable B, Master output        2RCA-2RCA (cinch)
Cable C, Microphone output    3.5 stereo-3.5 stereo
Service codenumber            4822 015 20557

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