FAQ - Tripod

A super-lightweight universal tripod in stylish meatl grey for mini and
palm-sizes camcorders. Features two-way panhead with vertical movement,
tension control, strong metal pin with plastic handgrip, easy leg-
adjustment and new clamps and rubber tips.

Suitable for                          All camcorders and foto cameras
  (universal screw coupling)            of any brand
Material                              Aluminium
Colour                                Metal grey
Weight                                980 g
Height Storage                        48 mm
       Extended                       122 mm
       Leg width                      20 mm
Service codenumber                    4822 015 30014

Accessory shoes                       -
Carry strap                           -
Quick coupling plate                  -
2-way panorama head                   X
3-way panorama head                   -
Rubber pins                           X
Spikes                                -
Elevator                              -
Weight adjust                         X
Height fixation screw                 X
Vertical movement tension control     X
Liquid level indicator                -

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