Software/driver information


Firmware update version 1.19 for SA33xx

This update includes: Firmware files (version 1.19)




Improved the charging profile of device




Your PC needs to be running Win 2000, Win XP (SP2) or Vista with Windows Media Player 11 installed.


Do I need the software?


Check the firmware version currently on your device -

         Select Settings->Information->Information Summary

         If the Firmware Version reads 1.05 you already have the latest version, there is no need to update.


How to download and update the software on your PC


You need the Philips Device Manager program to download and update the software that supports your device on the PC as well as the device Firmware.


The Philips Device Manager program detects updates automatically, informs you about them and once you have confirmed, downloads them to your PC.

Note : To get update notifications and be able to download them -

-          The Philips Device Manager program needs to be running (check for a blue toolbox icon that says “Philips Device Manager” when you move your mouse cursor over it).

-          You need an active internet connection.


In case the Philips Device Manager is not running (i.e. the blue toolbox icon does not appear in your System Tray)

1.       Launch the program (Start->Programs->Philips Digital Audio Player->SA33xx->Philips SA33xx Device Manager).

2.       Right click on the Philips Device Manager icon that appears in your System Tray (a blue toolbox icon).

3.       Click on “Check for Updates”. If you have an active internet connection, the Philips Device Manager will check if there are updates available.

4.       Follow the onscreen instructions provided by the Philips Device Manager to download and install the updates.


In case you have not installed the Philips SA33xx Device Manager

1.       Launch the Internet Explorer

2.       Enter the Philips support site at url (or if you are in the USA)

3.       Select your resided country & language (not needed if you are in the USA)

4.       Enter the model number

5.       Click on Software under Product Support

6.       Double click your desired language under Device Manager to download the zip file to your PC.

7.       Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.

8.       Unzip the file and then run the setup.exe file to start the installation.

9.       Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation of Device Manager.


How to update your device


1. Ensure that the Philips Device Manager is running and updated. (See “How to download and update the software on your PC” above).

2. Connect your device to the PC with the USB cable and with your PC connected to Internet.

3. Click the UPDATE button If your device needs an update, the Philips Device Manager program will update the device automatically

4. You need to follow the onscreen instruction from the Philips Device Manage program to carry out the update.

5. When update completed appears on the screen click OK and disconnects the player.

6. The player will automatically restart after the firmware upgrade.

Note: Before starting the update, ensure that you close any programs that may access your device (Windows Explorer or any Media Player application). Do not disconnect your device from the PC till the update is complete.


Firmware update history


V1.05    Initial release

V.1.16   1. Improve JPEG file generation in preview page. 2. Resolve the problem of photo mis-match