Software/driver information


Firmware upgrade version PY-A-M-F-7_1 for SA175/02 & SA178/02

This upgrade includes: The firmware files (version 7.1)




·         Initial release of the firmware for product with flash memory of SDK2.6





Please make sure that your PC is running on

·         Windows 98SE & ME

·         Windows 2000 – SP4 (or above)

·         Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above)



Do I need the software?


To check the firmware version of your device

·         Press the MENU key

·         Scroll down to Settings

·         Enter Settings by pressing the > key

·         Scroll down to Information

·         Enter Information by pressing the > key

·         You will see FW Vers : xxx, where xxx is the version


IMPORTANT: For device with flash memory that is running on firmware version begins with PY-A-M-F-6_, PY-A-M-F-6_2 is already the latest version available.  There is no need to upgrade your firmware to PY-A-M-F-7_1 as 7.1 & onwards only apply to devices running on different type of flash memory with SDK2.6.


How to download the software to your PC


Install Philips Firmware Manager from the supplied CD or download the latest version from the Philips support site of the url by following the procedure below.

1.       Launch the Internet Explorer

2.       Enter the Philips support site at url

3.       Select your resided country & language

4.       Enter the model number

5.       Under Product Support on the left

6.       Click on Software & drivers

7.       Double click your desired language under Firmware software upgrade to download the zip file to your PC.

8.       Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.

9.       Unzip the file and then run the Setup.exe file to start the installation.

10.   Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation of Firmware Manager.



How to upload the software to your device


1.       First Make sure that you have your PC connected to the internet, as the firmware manager will download the firmware from the firmware server, it is necessary that you have the PC online during the entire the process.

2.       Run the application on your PC at Start->Programs->Philips Firmware Manager->Philips Firmware Manger.

3.       Connect the GoGear player with the PC in normal mode. Switch on the player.

4.       Firmware Manager will be able to start the upgrade process after the player is detected in recovery mode.

5.       Click the START button, select the firmware and click OK.

6.       The upgrade process will continue to download firmware.

7.       Once the upgrade process is completed, click FINISH to close the application.

8.       You may now disconnect the GoGear Player from your computer.


Upgrade History


PZ-A-M-F-6_0    Initial Version

PZ-A-M-F-6_2    Improve Mic recording performance.
                        Improve Folder Capability (50 folders, 7 Folder Level, 480 songs and 100-chars filename) 
                        After voice recording, direct display-recording files in folder mode.



PZ-A-M-F-7_1    Initial version for devices with new type of flash memory running on SDK2.6