Software/driver information
Firmware upgrade version 4.1 for PSS110, PSS115 & PSS120 
- Solving the problem with the ShoqBox not starting up when the battery level dropped to a very low level.
Please make sure that your PC is running on one of the following operating systems
- Windows 98SE & ME
- Windows 2000 SP4 (or above)
- Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above)  
Do I need the software?
This information is available from your device. 
- Press the MENU key
- Scroll down to Settings
- Enter Settings by pressing the > key 
- Scroll down to Information
- Enter Information by pressing the > key 
- You will see FW Vers : xxx, where xxx is the version 
How to download the software to your PC
- Launch the Internet Explorer
- Enter the Philips support site at url 
- Select your resided country & language 
- Enter the model number
- Click on Software under Product Support
- Double click your desired language under Firmware upgrade software to download the firmware to your PC.
- Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.
How to upload the software to your device
- Unzip the file and then double click the PSS_DM_xxx.exe file to install the Device Manager with the new firmware and Musicmatch Jukebox and the service pack
- Connect your ShoqBox to the PC using the by-packed USB cable
- Connect your ShoqBox to the mains/wall outlet using the supplied charger/adapter
- On your PC, double-click on the Philips PSS110 Device Manager icon to run / start the same.
- Your ShoqBox firmware has been upgraded after you see the "upgrading" message. If you do not see the "Upgrading" message, please ensure that you connect your power supply to your ShoqBox for the upgrade to complete.
Windows XP and Windows 2000 users: Your device will be automatically disconnected as soon as Device Manager finishes interacting with your device.
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Thank you - we hope you enjoy your new music experience.