Software/driver information


Firmware upgrade version 5.0 Device Manager version 5.1 for PSA232, PSA235, PSA242 & PSA245

This upgrade includes: Device Manager (utilities for upgrading / restoring your jukebox), the firmware files (version 5.0).




This is the original version of firmware at initial product launch. There is no need to upgrade unless you have deleted the firmware in your device by accident and need to repair the firmware image.




Please make sure that your PC is running on Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above) 


Do I need the software?


To check the firmware version of your device

·         Press Menu and scroll for Settings > Information.

·         If you already have the latest version, there is no need to upgrade.


How to download the software to your PC


1.       Launch the Internet Explorer

2.       Enter the Philips support site at url

3.       Select your resided country & language

4.       Enter the model number

5.       Click on Software under Product Support

6.       Double click your desired language under Firmware upgrade software to download the exe file to your PC.

7.       Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.


How to upload the software to your device


1.       Run the DM_WEB_xxx.exe file to install the Philips Device Manager.

2.       Follow screen instructions to complete the installations and restart the PC.

3.       Connect your GoGear to the computer and make sure that you have new battery inserted.

4.       Launch Device Manager from your desktop / Start->Programs->Philips Device Manager. Click the UPDATE button to update the firmware of your player.
IMPORTANT: Always make sure that new battery is used during the device Firmware Upgrade process and when device is connected to the PC.

5.       Once the firmware has finished downloading into the unit with device manager, you may disconnect the device from the computer, firmware upgrade will start automatically. 

6.       The process is complete when the device restarts and displays the power up splash screen.