Software / driver information


Software version v070904 for PET1030/00 & PET1030/05





Fixing the problem of chapter mark constantly stay on the display when playing back some of the DVD disc



Do I need to upgrade the software


Software version number smaller than 070904 need to proceed software upgrade



How to check the software version of your DVD portable


1.      Press the SETUP key to enter the setup menu

2.      Press RETURN and then press 1->2->3 by remote control

3.      The display will show the software version e.g. 070303



How to download the software to your PC


Click below link to download and save the zip file on your PC



How to upload the software to your device


1. Unzip the file and then burn this "PHILIPS.BIN" file into CD-ROM using the following setting"

- File System CD-ROM ISO Level 2

- Mode 1/2/XA

- Character set ISO 9660

- Finalized, single session

- Write speed slow (e.g. 2x, 4x)


2. CD-ROM disc name must be "PHILIPS" (otherwise it will not be recognized as a disc for upgrade)


3. Power on the portable DVD player with AC/DC adaptor. (Warning: Do not use the battery alone!)


4. Keep the OSD language setting at English (Warning: Its important!!)


5. Play the CD-ROM for upgrade. They player will automatically upgrade after pressing "OK" by remote control
(Warning: Do not unplug the AC/DC adaptor during SW upgrade to prevent flash corrupt of the player!)


6. Once upgrade is completed, the player will restart automatically and you will observe PHILIPS LOGO on the screen


7. Then it is safe to remove the disc from the player