Product : Micro HiFi system

- Incredible surround:
  Feature unique to Philips that creates the illusion of the speakers
  being much further apart than they actually are, resulting in an
  enhanced, room-filled stereo effect.
- Dynamic Bass Boost:
  Enhances bass tone frequencies to deep, rich sounds.
- Digital Sound Control (optimal, jazz, classic, pop)
  Provides preset sound settings that enhance various types of music
  for personal preference.
- Bass Reflex speaker system:
  Acoustic system that enhances the upper bass tones to provide a
  warmer, punchier bass sound.
- Digital tuner with 30 presets:
  Provides fast, accurate tuning to your favourate stations. You can
  store up to 30 stations in memory for fast, easy access.
- RDS Radio data system (Europe only).
- Solid wood loudspeakers:
  Solid cherry wood cabinets with high polished finish.
- 3" full range speakers:
  For excellent sound performance across the entire audio frequency
- Cloth speaker grilles:
  Grilles covered with acoustically neutral cloth to protect the
- Rotary Encoder:
  The encoder determines the speed at which the volume rotation takes
  place, faster rotation means larger volume increments, slower motion
  make small gains in volume level.
- Stereo headphone socket:
  Enables stereo headphones to be used for private listening pleasure.
  Automatically switches off speakers when used.
- Clock/timer with sleep function.
- Compact disc digital audio player:
  Compact Disc technology that combines superb digital sound quality
  with the convenience of random track access and CD functions like
  CD programme, Shuffle Play and Repeat.
- Motorised CD tray:
  For convenient, safe loading of your CD.
- 20-Track programmable:
  Stores up to 20 of your favourite CD tracks for playing back in your
  order of preference.
- Shuffle play:
  Plays disc selection randomly, giving you a new sequence of tracks
  each time.
- CD next/previous track search:
  Plays the next or previous track at the touch of a button.
- Repeat one/all:
  Repeats the current track, the total CD, or yoyr pre-selected
- Remote control.

Wave bands : LW/AM/FM (LW Europe only)
Presets    : 30

. Stereo digital tuner
. RDS - station name
        programme type
        RDS text
. Autostore

. Motorised front loading
. Digital servo technology
. Bit-check D/A convertor
. 20 track CD random programme
. Play mode (repeat/shuffle/programme)

. Clock/timer with sleep function
. Wake up with CD or tuner

Cabinet         : Solid cherry wood cabinet with high polished
Connectors      : Click-fit
Speaker grilles : Detachable
Speaker         : 3 inch specially designed woofer
Speaker system  : Bass Reflex

Output power : 2x18 W RMS, 10% THD, 4 Ohm, 1Khz
               2x36 W music power

. Incredible surround
. Digital sound control (Optimal, jazz, classic, pop)
. Dynamic bass boost
. Volume control with 50 steps encoder
. Mute function

Aux in           : Cinch type sockets
Subwoofer output : Cinch type socket for active subwoofer
Loudspeakers     : Click-fit connections
Antenna          : FM coaxial socket 75 Ohm
                   FM click-fit 300 Ohm (USA only)
                   AM JST2pM
Stereo headphone : 3.5 mm stereo jack

Weight             : 5.6 kg
Dimensions (wxhxd) : Centre unit: 140x156x230 mm
                     Speaker box: 130x156x178 mm
Display            : Fluorescent tube display
Remote control     : 25 Key remote control
                     Demo mode for trade demonstartion

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