Description : Philishave Cool Skin; dispenses a specially
              developed Nivea for Men moisturizing shaving
              emulsion for surprisingly smooth results

. Convenient click-in cartridge system
. Moisturizing shaving emulsion applied directly to the face
. Continuous moisturization for smooth results
. Cordless watertight design
. Can safely be used in the shower

Shaving system features connected to Cool Skin
. 3 dimensional contour following shaving unit
. Patented lift & cut system
. 3 stainless steel Cool Skin shaving heads (HQ5a) for corrosion
  free cleaning with water

Shaving system features connected to the unique Philishave Rotary
. 45 razor sharp blades for an extra fast shave
. Long omnidirectional slots
. Silent power
. Unique rotating system

Voltage    : Manual voltage selection (110/220V); protected
             against wrong voltage selection
Weight     : 209 gr
Recharging : Rechargeable via charging stand
             (with wall mounting option)
LEDs       : green led: charging indication
             red led: battery low indication
             electronic push button switch
Durations  : 8 hour charging time
             38 min. cordless shaving time

Cosmetics and accessories:
. 5 shaving emulsion cartridges included
. Neoprene 'wet-suit' travel pouch with possible storage for
  2 cartridges
. Click-on trimmer unit for moustache and side burns
. Cleaning brush and shaving head protection cap
. 'mystic midnight blue, perfect grip', finishing with lime
  green and translucent accents

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