FAQ - Home fax

The HFC6 is a compact FeaturePhone and an integrated Fax-
machine with paper cutter and dynamic message memory combined
with a Fax Switch.
It is used as a ''Personal Fax'' replacing the existing phone
without needing more space or additional telephone lines
for facsimiles.
The HFC10 is featuring an additional solid-sate answering
machine (TAM).
Mechanically the HFC6 and HFC10 are equal.

RECEPTION FEATURES                           HFC6  HFC10
Automatic reception                            Y     Y
Manual reception                               Y     Y
Polled reception                               Y     Y
Automatic cutter                               Y     Y
Autostart                                      Y     Y
Electronic document memory                     N     Y
Receiving faxes into the memory                N     Y
Selective fax reception                        Y     Y
Secure fax reception                           N     Y

TRANSMISSION FEATURES                        HFC6  HFC10
Automatic transmission                         Y     Y
Manual transmission                            Y     Y
Automatic background control                   Y     Y
Polling transmission                           Y     Y
Autostart                                      Y     Y
Send later                                     Y     Y
Speed dial                                     6     6
Name dial (when using max 8 chars/16 dig)     40    40
Automatic redial                               Y     Y
Manual redial                                  Y     Y
Dynamic memory storage of auto dial entries    Y     Y
Faxing during telephone call                   Y     Y
Speaking after fax transmission                Y     Y
Sending faxes from the memory                  N     Y
Faxing to sub-addresses                        Y     Y

Internal ringer   : Generated via speaker (Power up only)
Telephone circuit : PSTN with most common PABX

TELEPHONE FEATURES                           HFC6  HFC10
Handset on top of unit                         Y     Y
Line out                                       Y     Y
On-hook dial                                   Y     Y
Listen in                                      Y     Y
Recall                                         Y     Y
12 key dialpad                                 Y     Y
Volume control for speaker                     Y     Y
Volume control for ringer                      Y     Y
Pulse/Tone dialling                            Y     Y
PSTN access from PABX                          Y     Y
Transfer inside PABX                           Y     Y
Power-down function (Ring, Dial, Speech)       Y     Y

FAX/PHONE SWITCH                             HFC6  HFC10
Operation mode: TEL                            Y     Y
Operation mode: TEL/FAX                        Y     Y
Operation mode: TAM/FAX                        Y     Y
Speech generation (OGM)                        Y     Y

Transm. data rate             : 9600/7200/4800/2400 bps (Automatic
Transmission time             : 15 secs.
                                (ITU-T #1 document, 9600 BPS,
                                standard mode, send from
                                memory to a memory fax)
Type                          : Desktop transceiver (Half duplex)
Compatibility                 : ITU-T group 3
Compression methods           : MR/MH
ADF capacity                  : 1
Data transmission speed       : automatic shift down
Doc. insert and outlet        : At the front side of machine
Document feeder cap.          : On page, face down, left aligned
                                (electronic doc. feeder by means of
                                page memory)
Document size                 : Width    : 148    - 217    mm
                                Length   : 105    - 600    mm
                                Thickness: 0.05   - 0.15 mm
Local nr ID acc. to ITU-T T30 : 20 character CSI
Modulation method             : V29, V27ter: message
                                V21: protocol
Printing                      : Effective width: 210mm (minimum)
                                Method: Thermal printing
                                Paper size: 210/216mm x 15m roll
Protocol                      : ITU-T T30 standard/T30 new.FTZ18TR53
Received messages             : At the front side
Recording paper               : Width    : 210 or 216 mm
                                Length   : 15 m
                                Diameter : max outside roll diameter
                                <40 mm
Recording paper feed          : Manual paper feed, automatic cutter
Scan resolution               : Standard      : 8 x  3.85 dots/mm
                                Fine          : 8 x  7.7  dots/mm
Scanning method               : Contact image scanner (CIS)
Scanning width                : 216 +/- 1 mm

FAX FEATURES                                 HFC6  HFC10
Page header                                    Y     Y
Page footer                                    Y     Y
Transmission mode: normal/fine/photo           Y     Y
Half speed transmission                        Y     Y
Detection of fax transmissions by old fax
machines                                       Y     Y

Solid state TAM     10 min recording time (N2 only)
                    failure rate: <1/800
Outgoing message 1  Start text (20 sec max.)
Outgoing message 2  End text (10 sec max.)
Battery             One 9 Volt block

TAM FEATURES                                 HFC6  HFC10
Type                                           N     Dig. TAM
Dynamic message memory                         N     Y
Incoming message                               N     Y
Short incoming messages                        N     Y
Empty incoming messages                        N     Y
Erase one/all messages                         N     Y
Adjusting record time                          N     Y
Recording telephone conversations              N     Y
Remote control                                 N     Y
Remote access code                             N     Y
Auto answer ring delay                         N     Y
Internal/external memo                         N     Y
Voice prompts                                  N     Y
Call screening                                 N     Y
Forwarding calls                               N     Y
Time/date stamps                               N     Y

Battery buffered SRAM size kbyte : 16
Weight                           : 2.3 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh)               : 271 x 224 x 94 mm
LC-Display                       : 1 line, 16 characters of 5x7 dots
LCD size                         : 1x16
Operating environment            : Recommended:
                                     Temperature  17 - 28 deg C
                                     Humidity     30 - 85% RH
Power consumption                : Standby     : <10W
                                   Transmission: 18W (Slerex letter)
                                   Reception   : 35W (Slerex letter)
                                   Copy        : 95W (Black copy)
Power supply                     : 220 - 240 Vac, 50Hz/24V - 4A max
ROM size in kbyte                : 256

LISTS AND REPORTS                            HFC6  HFC10
Transaction confirmation report (Journal)      Y     Y
Transmission report                            Y     Y
Speed and name dial list                       Y     Y
Function list                                  Y     Y
Error report                                   Y     Y
Unauthorised call report (contains CSI)        Y     Y

OTHER FEATURES                               HFC6  HFC10
Copy normal (direct copy in fine/photo mode)   Y     Y
Copy advanced (copy via page memory)           Y     Y
Room monitoring                                Y     Y
Baby sitter function                           Y     Y
Notebook function                              Y     Y
European character set                         Y     Y
Clock battery buffered                         Y     Y
LCD display prompt                             Y     Y
Date and time adjustment                       Y     Y
Ringer selection                               Y     Y
Language setting                               Y      Y

SERVICE FEATURES                             HFC6  HFC10
Remote diagnostics                             Y     Y
Printer test pattern                           Y     Y
Bit switch setting                             Y     Y
ROM/RAM data display/list                      Y     Y
NCU parameter setting                          Y     Y
Service report                                 Y     Y
System parameter list                          Y     Y
LIU programming                                Y     Y

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