Software/driver information


Philips plug-in version 3.14.00 for HDD1420, HDD1620, HDD1630 & HDD1635




·         Improve further on disk space management on PC

·         Solving the conflict with Photoshop.

·         Improve further on PC resources management

·         Solving the occasional picture synchronization problem

·         Fixing the MTP Device Name.

·         Solving the Image distortion problem.

·         Improve the database efficiency.




Please make sure that your PC is running on Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above) you may upgrade your OS service pack via the url 


Do I need the software?


To check the version of your Philips Plug-in

·         At Start, select Control Panel and then select Add or Remove Program.

·         Search and select Philips Device Plug-in. Click “Click here for support information” to check the version.

·         If you already have the latest version, there is no need to upgrade.


How to download the software to your PC


1.       Launch the Internet Explorer

2.       Enter the Philips support site at url

3.       Select your resided country & language

4.       Enter the model number and search

5.       Select the model number.

6.       Click on Software & drivers on the left

7.       Double click ENG under PC Software to download the zip file to your PC.

8.       Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.

9.       Unzip the file and then run the LM_XXX.exe to start the installation.

10.   Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation of Philips device plug-in.


Upgrade history


2.20.00 Initial version

2.38.00 Improve on disk space management

Improve on PC resources management

Improve on possible issue with synchronization of photos on certain PCs

Improve on possible issue with pictures in Root folder/ MyPictures folder not getting transferred.