FAQ - Micro system

. Personal CD Micro System
. 2x 10W RMS
. 180W PMPO
. Large quartz clock
. Full wake up by Radio/Tape/CD
. Tope Dome Surround speakers
. 3-Way loudspeakers with bass reflex
. 12 key ''teardrop'' remote control

Tuning System : PLL digital quartz
Wave ranges   : FM Stereo 87.5-108 MHz
                MW        522-1620 kHz
                TV1, TV2, TV3 (/26 only)
Aerials       : Wire aerial for FM
                External loop antenna for MW

. 20 random presets
. Up/down single step and search tuning on all wave bands
. Count up selection of preset stations
. R/F switch
. FM stereo/mono switch and stereo broadcast indication on LCD display
  (remote only)
. Memory back-up
. Grid switch (9 or 10 kHz)

Wow and Flutter       : 0.19% WRMS
Signal-to-noise ratio : > 50 dB

. Automatic recording level control
. Electronic speed control and full automatic stop
. Recording indicator

Frequency range       : 20-20.000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio : 80 dB

. Programmable memory for up to 20 tracks with review facility
. Shuffle plays tracks in random order
. Next and previous keys for track skip
. Introscan plays the first 10 seconds of each track
. Repeat of single track, whole disk and program
. Next and previous keys for track skip
. Time modes (elapsed, remain)
. Large multi-function LCD display for CD/clock/tuner

. Precision quartz controlled clock
. Sleep function
. Timer on/off
. Wake by radio/tape/CD

Speakers : Topdome surround speaker
           5" Mid range
           Piezo tweeter
System   : 3 Way bass reflex with tuned ports

The innovative top dome surround speaker will provide an excellent
and natural dispersion of sound.

Output power : 2x 10W RMS

. Bass control
. Treble control
. CD, tape, radio and aux. sources

. 12 key teardrop remote control supplied with stand-by, CD, Stop,
   Play/Pause, Band, Previous/Presets, Next/Presets, Mono/Stereo,
   Tape, Volume up/down, Mute

Loudspeakers     : click-fit connectors
Aux/DCC          : two cinch type sockets
Stereo headphone : 3.5 mm mini jack

Weight             : 8 kg
Dimensions (wxhxd) : 150x260x245 mm
Power supply       : AC Mains:
                        : 220-230V, (120)
                     /21: 120-230V  (select)

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