FAQ - Mini system

Description : CD changer mini system

. 2x 100W RMS (USA)
. 2x 80W RMS or 2x 160W music power (Europe)
. 2x 120W RMS (Overseas/Asia Pacific)
. 2000W PMPO
. Hydraulic Zoom Volume Control
. Wireless Prepared
. Incredible Surround
. Double Full Logic Tape Deck
. Single Auto Reverse Deck
. Dolby B noise reduction
. Full RDS suite
. 4-Way Side firing Loudspeakers with removable cloth
. 3 Bass Ports
. Ferro fluid cooled tweeters
. Flat Cone Speaker Technology
. Magic Menu
. Optional: Wireless active subwoofer FB201W or Wireless travelling
  sound unit FB200W
. Save energy in standby mode (Europe only)

. RDS-station name, programme type, RDS text, clock set
  (Europe only)
. PLL quartz digital tuner
. 20 random presets
. Automatic programming of tuner presets
. Automatic FM Stereo/Mono switch and FM stereo broadcasting
. Wave band selector
. Wave ranges:       /21S /22S /22 /37 /25 /34S /30S /33S /41S
  FM  65.81-74 MHz                           X
  FM  87.5-108 MHz     X    X   X   X   X    X    X    X    X
  MW  522-1602 kHz     X    X   X   X   X    X    X    X    X
  FM 75 ohm coax input X    X   X       X    X    X    X    X
  FM 300 ohm clickfit               X
. RDS with clock set        X   X       X    X

Frequency range : 20-20000 Hz
S/N ratio       : 90 dB

. 3-Disc changer
. Programmable memory for 40 tracks
. Program review facility
. Shuffle enables random playing of tracks
. Next and previous keys for track skip

. Precision quartz controlled clock
. Automatic clock set via RDS (Europe only)
. Wake up with CD, Tuner or Tape

. Side firing tweeters
. 4-Way bass reflex
. 3 Bass ports
. 1x 5.25" flat cone woofer
. 1x 2.5" ferro fluid cooled tweeter
. 2x 1" Polydome tweeter
. Dimensions (WxHxD): 240x310x230 mm
. Click-fit connectors
. Removable cloth

. 2x 100W RMS, 6 ohm, 1 kHz, (10% THD (for USA only)
. 2x 80W RMS, 6 ohm, 1 kHz, (10% THD (for Europe only) or
  2x 160W music power
. 2x 120W MS, 6 ohm, 1 kHz, (10% THD (Overseas, Asia Pacific)
. 2000W PMPO
. Hydraulic Zoom Volume Control (limited versions)
. Incredible surround (3 steps)
. Dynamic Bass boost (3 steps)
. Digital sound control (Jazz, Classic, Rock, Pop or Techno
  and Optimal)
. Dolby NR for /22/22S/25/34S

Sub-woofer output : Cinch type socket for active subwoofer (e.g.
DVD/Aux           : cinch type sockets
Stereo headphone  : 3.5 mm stereo jack

. Wireless prepared: line out for wireless active subwoofer or
  wireless travelling sound unit or wireless stereo speaker

Dimensions   : 745x310x250 mm (WxHxD) with LSB
Mains supply : 120V, 60Hz for /37
               230V, 50Hz for /22/22S/25/34S/33S
               120/230V, 50/60 Hz for /21S/30S/41S

. 26-key Audio/Video remote control
. Auto Demo mode
. Display dimmer via remote control
. Backlit keys for 3 CD direct play, 4 sources keys,
  Incredible Surround and Dynamic Bass Boost
. Colour versions:
  /22/37/25: Black/Silver
  /21S/22S/34S/30S/33S/41S: Silver/Grey
. Hydraulic volume knob for /21S/34S/33S/41S
. Karaoke with Dual Mic, Vocal fader and Dig. echo for /21S/33S/41S

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