FAQ - Digital versatile disk

Description : Philips Multi-standard DVD-Video Karaoke player

. Plays new DVD-Video discs, plus Video CDs and Audio CDs
. Advanced DVD-Video technology including 10-bit video DAC
  and 20-bit audio DAC
. Dual-lens optical pickup, guaranteeing accurate signal readout
  from both CD and DVD
. Full featured Karaoke with 2 microphone inputs, echo and
  key control
. Universal Remote control with Jog/shuttle for perfect still
  pictures and variable speed control
. Zoom (x4) capability on 25 positions
. Multi-standard (MPEG/Dolby Digital) audio decoder
. Digital Audio output for MPEG2 Digital Multichannel, Dolby
  Digital (AC-3) and PCM
. Analog output for Dolby Pro Logic and stereo
. Enhanced local FTD-display
. Movies the way they were meant to be - on both wide-screen and
  regular TV screens
. Multi-Angle
. Choice of up to 8 Audio languages
. Choice of up to 32 subtitle languages

Numerical Aperture : 0.60 DVD
                     0.45 VCD/CD
Wavelength         : 650 mm
DVD disc format    : Optical disc, 12 cm (8 cm)
Laser type         : Semiconductor AIGaAs
Playback system    : DVD Video, Video CD and CD

. Playing time 12 cm disc:
  One layer              2.13h*
  Dual layer             4h*
  Two side, single layer 4.26h*
  Two side, two layer    8.h*
  *typical playing time for movie with 2 spoken languages and
   3 subtitle languages

Crosstalk            : 115 dB (1 kHz)
Audio format         : Digital  MPEG/AC-3  Compressed Digital
                                PCM        16,20, bit with
                                           Fs 49,96 kHz
Distortion and Noise : 89 dB (1 kHz)
Dynamic range        : 96 dB (1 kHz)
S/N ratio            : 100 dB (1 kHz)
Sound                : Analogue sound Stereo & Dolby Pro Logic
                       (VCD & downmix from multichannel)

. Audio performance:
  Signal:     Analogue       Freq. resp.
  DVD         at 96 kHz      4Hz-44kHz
              at 48 kHz      4Hz-22kHz
  Video CD    at 44.1 kHz    4 Hz-20 kHz
  CD          Fs 44.1 kHz    4 Hz-20 kHz

Video output        : 1 Vpp into 75 Ohm
Video signal        : Digital
Signal handling     : Components
Digital compression : MPEG2 for DVD
                      MPEG1 for VCD
Resolution DVD      :        50Hz       60Hz
                      Hor.   720 pixels 720 pixels
                      Vert.  576 lines  480 lines
Resolution VCD      :        50Hz       60Hz
                      Hor.   352 pixels 352 pixels
                      Vert.  288 lines  240 lines
S-video output      : Y: 1 Vpp into 75 Ohm
                      C: 0.286 Vpp into 75 Ohm
                      Version dependent
TV standard         : NTSC: 50Hz, 625 lines, multistandard
                      PAL : 60Hz, 525 lines, multistandard (PAL/NTSC)

. General functionality:
  Shuttle including Pause, fast forward/backward (3-speed) and
  slow (2-speed forward/backward)
  Jog with Step Forward, Backward
  Title/Track select
  Skip Next/Skip Previous
  Repeat (chapter/title/all) or (track/all) or (A-B)
  User friendly Setup menus
  FL Display Dimmer (off, dark, bright)
  Zoom x4 enlargement, during play (25 positions)
  Remote Locator
  Program Memory
. DVD functionality:
  Multi-angle selection
  Audio selection (1 out of max. 8 languages)
  Subtitle selection (1 out of max. 32 languages)
  Aspect Ratio conversion (16:9, 4:3 letterbox, 4:3 Pan Scan)
  Parental control
  Disc menu support (title menu and root menu)
  Last memory of inserted disc
  Program memory

. Video CD functionality:
  Playback control for VCD 2.0 discs
  Last memory of inserted disc

. Audio CD functionality
  Time display (total/track/remaining track time)
  Full audio functionality with remote control

. Karaoke functionality
  2 Microphone input, with independent gain control
  Echo Control
  Key Control
  Voice Cancel
  Voice Fader
  Vocal Change (L+R, L, R)

. Remote functionality
  All DVD functions
  Universal for TV (Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down)
  Jog shuttle

Video output     : Cinch
S-Video output   : mini DIN, 4-p
Audio L+R output : Cinch (2x L/R)
Headphone        : 6.5 mm jack

Weight             : 4 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 430x81x308 mm
Power inlet        : 110-120V/200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption  : 17W (standby <4W)

. Package contents:
  - DVD video player
  - Remote control + batteries
  - AC cable
  - User manual
  - S-Video cable
  - Audio cable
  - Video cable

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