FAQ - Port. radio cass rec + cd

CD player with programmable memory
CD introscan and shuffle facilities
Two stereo cassette decks with one deck autoreverse
High speed dubbing
80 W PMPO output power
3-amplifier 5-speaker system
Graphic equalizer
TBG Turbo Bass Generator

Wave ranges : FM stereo 87.5-108 MHz
              LW 148-284 kHz
              MW 526.5-1606.5 kHz
              SW 5.95-17.9 MHz
Aerials     : Ferroceptor for MW and LW
              Telescopic aerial for FM and SW

FM stereo/mono switch and FM stereo LED

Wow and flutter       : 0.18% WRMS
Signal-to-noise ratio : 45 dB

Two stereo with autoreverse on playback deck
High speed dubbing
Continuous play
Automatic recording level control
Continuous monitoring
Electronic speed control and full automatic stop
Manual reverse facility
Tape direction indictor LED''s
Microphone mixing
Normal (type I) cassette  
Longlife heads

Frequency range       : 20-20,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio : 80 dB

Programmable memory for up to 20 tracks
Shuffle plays tracks in random order
Introscan plays the first 10 seconds of each track
''Next'' and ''previous'' keys for track skip
Pause and repeat facilities
6 Digit multifunction LCD-display
Two times oversampling

Loudspeaker  : Two wide-frequency 130 mm woofers,
               85 mm TBG speaker with labyrinth channel
               Two tweeters for high-note reproduction
Output power : 80 Watt PMPO; 9+16+9 Watt PMPO

3-amplifer system
Graphic equalizer  10 dB at 1 kHz and 10 kHz
Power on/off LED indicator
TBG Turbo Bass Generator:
In acoustic technology, high output power and big speakers increase low
note performance. But so, too, do the cabinet structure and the 
movements of the vibrating air in the structure. In the Philips Turbo 
Bass Generator, the vibrating air is pumped through a specially shaped
and dimensioned ''labyrinth'' speaker enclosure. This greatly emphasises
the low notes. A dedicated high-energy woofer speaker, resonating at 
100 Hz, pumps the air through the labyrinth radiator. In the 2.5 litre 
volume of the labyrinth, very high sound pressure is generated in the 
vital 50-150 Hz bass region. The frequencies above 150 Hz are 
reproduced by the left and right channel speakers, to safeguard the 
stereo spectrum.

CD-out           : Two cinch type sockets
Microphone       : 3.5 mm socket
Stereo headphone : 3.5 mm socket

Weight             : 6.8 kg
Dimensions (wxhxd) : 680x231x220 mm
Power supply       : AC mains:
                     (50/60 Hz): 220V
                     (/05: 240V)
Batteries          : 8x1.5V batteries R20

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