FAQ - Port. radio cass rec + cd

CD player functions:
- CD program
- shuffle
- repeat
- music search (next/previous)
Multifunction LCD display
Single cassette deck with CD Synchro start recording 
30 Watt PMPO output power
Bass Reflex Chamber system
3 band equalizer
Headphone and Microphone socket

Wave ranges : /00/05: FM stereo 87.5-108 MHz
                      MW 522-1607 kHz
                      LW 148.5-248 kHz
Aerials     : Ferroceptor for MW and LW
              Telescopic aerial for FM

Wow and flutter       : 0.18% WRMS
Signal-to-noise ratio : 45 dB

Stereo single cassette deck
Synchro start recording
Automatic recording level control
Electronic speed control and full automatic stop
Suitable for normal (type I) cassette tape

Frequency range       : 20-20,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio : 80 dB

20 Track CD programmability
Repeat of one or all tracks
Shuffle plays tracks in random order
Next and previous keys for track skip
The CD player features the Philips patented Continuous Calibration 
Digital-to-Analog Converter (CC-DAC).The CC-DAC creates a very accurate
conversion of the 16-bit digit bit flow into the analog signal, 
resulting in a DISTORTION-FREE reproduction of the CD signal.
This is accomplished by a circuitry that continuously makes a 
comparison and calibration between the Bit current sources used in the 
converter and the single reference current of the Lowest Significant 
Bit (LSB). All other bits including the Most Significant Bit (MSB) 
consequently have an exact current value and conversion leads to a 
precise analog wave shape.

Loudspeaker  : 2x wide-frequency 100 mm (4") loudspeakers
Output power : 30 Watt PMPO; 2 x 1,6 Watt RMS

3 band equalizer
Left and right Bass Reflex Chambers
Bass reflex chambers:
To accentuate the low bass, Philips Portable Audio has introduced the 
Bass Reflex Speaker System. In this system, the speaker boxes are 
closed, and the backward radiation is used to support the forward 
radiation. The air flow caused by the backward radiation is fed through
a port or pipe, acoustically tuned by its dimensions to the lowest
practicable bass frequencies (the passband of the tuned port). All the 
notes above the tuned frequency support the forward radiation; only the
notes below it remain opposed. The products of Bass Reflex Sound System
is well- extended low-frequency response, which crates a clear mid and 
high note sound perforce solidly supported by warm, deep low notes.

Weight                : 3.3 kg
Dimensions (wxhxd)    : 415x165x230 mm
Mains cord connection : /00: IEC
                        /05: BS
Power supply          : AC mains: (50/60 Hz)
                        /00: 220V-230V, 50 Hz
                        /05: 240V, 50 Hz
Batteries             : 6x1.5V batteries R20/D-cell/UM 1

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