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Description : Portable Compact Disc Player

. Electronic Shock Absorption to minimize shock impact
. Bitcheck Digital-to-analogue conversion for pure sound
. DSP: Car, Pop, Rock and Incredible surround
. Car accessories
. 6-digit illuminated LCD display
. Headphone, AC/DC adaptor. All CD functions: 25-track program,
  shuffle, repeat one or all tracks, introscan
. Product made of heat-resistant material
. Automatic power-off

Frequency response : 20Hz-20kHz
S/N ratio          : >95 dB (A weighted)

. Bitcheck D/A convertor, 96 times oversampling

Electronic shock absorption:
  Electronic shock absorption (ESA) is a Philips technology that
  ensures the highest possible quality in CD playback performance.
  Ordinary portable CD players are often subjected to "jumping sound"
  when vibrations or shocks occur. However, with the state of the art
  Philips ESA "shockbuster" technology, music bits are temporarily
  stored in a semiconductor memory, ready to fill any gaps that may
  occur during play back.
  Inserted between the optical disk pick-up (lens) and the
  D/A convertor (which transforms data into music), the memory stores
  between 3 and 10 additional seconds of music data. Because the disc
  turns at double speed, the memory can be refilled quicker than it is
  being emptied, giving the pick-up time to return to the right spot.
  The result is uninterrupted sound of perfect CD quality, even under
  the most active conditions.
Bitstream D/A convertor:
  The Bitstream D/A convertor, another Philips invention, virtually
  eliminates audio signal distortion created at the time of digital to
  analogue (D/A) conversion. It is helped in this by an additional
  technique, called continuous calibration, which continuously looks
  for the lowest distortion signal. The result is a soft and natural
  sound, especially suitable for subtle music.

Digital sound processing : Rock, Pop, Car, and Incredible Surround
Output power             : 2x 10 mW RMS (headphone)

. Dynamic Bass Boost

Display illumination : 10 seconds when battery operated
Display indications  : Track, time, DSP, CD fiunctions, Battery and
                       Illuminated "Play" key
Display              : 6-digit LCD
Remote control       : 4-key, volume control and hold

. 25-track programmable, shuffle, repeat 1/all and introscan
. Search forward/backward with sound
. Resume and hold
. Automatic power switch-off
. Rotary volume control
. Built-in battery recharger

Play mode:
  Virtually all possible play mode operations can be programmed into
  the player. You can enjoy various repeat modes (1, ALL, SHUFFLE) and
  combine them with either all possible tracks or those tracks stored
  in the music program. Adding the introscan function to this results
  in a total of 12 different play mode combinations available for you.

Resume play:
  Normally, when you need a short CD-play interruption, the PAUSE-key
  can be used to temporarily stop the music. However, this only works
  as long as the sets stays switched-on. Now this effect is also
  available if the set is switched-off completely.

Headphone/line out : 3.5  mm, stereo
DC socket          : 3.4 mm, 4.5V, centre '+'

Typical playing time : 7 hours
Weight               : 250 g (excl. batteries)
                       295 g (incl. Batteries)
Dimensions (WxHxD)   : 134x30.5x154 mm
Accessories supplied : AC/DC adaptor
                       Stereo headphone
                       Cigarette lighter convertor
                       Car cassette adaptor
External supply      : /17: 120V to 4.5V DC
Material             : high temperature resistant plastic
Optional accessories : SBC1085 Cable for car stereo CD in
                       AY3500  Car cassette adaptor (for logic decks)
Batteries            : 2x1.5V, type AA/LR6/UM3 cell

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