FAQ - Cd portable

Electronic Shock Absorption to minimize shock impact
Bitstream conversion for perfect digital sound
Digital sound control to match your personal music taste
Rechargeable batteries, piuch and headphones included.
All programming functions
Automatic power-off

D/A conversion : Bitstream D/A converter
                 192-times oversampling
                 continuous calibration

The Electronic Shock Absorption (ESA) stores your music temporarily,
 thusquaranteeing perfect and undisturbed souns. The improved oil
 damper system is optimized for vibration absorption.
The Bitstream didgital-to analog convertor, with noise shaping and
 192-times oversampling, significantly improves small signal linearity
 resulting in the purest reproduction of the original sound. 
 Continuous calibration precludes zero-crossing distortion and 
 minimizes power consumption.

Channel separation                  : >70 dB
Frequency response                  : 20 Hz-20 kHz
Signal to signal ratio (A weighted) : > 93 dB
T.H.D.                              : < 0.02%

Play modes : - Shuffle
             - Shuffle memory
             - Shuffle repeat
             - Shuffle repeat memory
             - Repeat
             - Memory
             - Repeat memeory

The digital sound control allows you to set the music acoustics 
 according to your wish: Car, Jazz or Rock.
The multi-function display shows time and total number of tracks, track
  being played, play mode, sound mode, battery power.
Programmable memory up to 20 tracks with review facility
If the stop button has been pressed with the resume function switched
 on, the CD player will start playing the CD from where irt was
 stopped, when pressing the play button.
The hold switch of the set prevents accidental interruption, or
 accidental switch-on or -off.
Automatic power-off ensures no energy is wasted when the set is idle.

DC socket                 : 6 volts
Stereo headphone/line out : 3.5 mm

Typical playing time : 6 V DC
                       /00: 230 v AC to 6 V DC
Weight               : (without batteries) 295 grammes
                       (with 4 alkaline batteries) 380 grammes
Accessories          : - AC/DC adaptor
                       - Stereo headphone
                       - Rechargeable batteries
                       - Pouch
Dimensions (wxhxd)   : 132x29.8x158 mm
Accessories optional : SBC1059    : HiFi conn. cord
                       SBC1085    : cable for car stereo CD-in
                       SCB3547    : car base + goose-neck
                       SBC3557MkII: cigar lighter adaptor/
                                    car cassette adaptor
                       SBC 3558   : car cassette adaptor
                       SBC6562    : plastic adaptor for car base
Batteries            : 4x 1.5V batteries,
                       type AA/LR6/UM3 cell

The battery level indicator warns you when the battery level is
 becomming low.
The rechargeable system allows yoy to rechatrge thew supplied AA-type
 Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries inside the set.

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