FAQ - Cd portable

Buttons and display with backlight
Anti-shock mechanism
Dynamic compression
Resume play
Dual D/A converter

The button forward/next, backward/previous, play/pause and stop plus
 the display are illuminated when using the CD player in case of power
 supply via AC/DC adaptor or via the cigarette lighter power supply
 (car use).

D/A conversion : Dual D/A converter
                 1 bit DAC,
                 192x oversampling

Bitstream digital-to-analogue converter, with noise shaping and
 192-times oversampling which significantly improve small-signal
 linearity to provide pure reproduction of the original sound.
The anti-shock mechanism makes the CD player extremely suitable for
 car use.
Dual D/A converter eliminates the shift between the left and right
 channels by converting the sound signal for both channels
 simultaneously, resulting in better defined and more original stereo

Channel separation                  : > 50 dB
Frequency response                  : 20 Hz-20 kHz
Signal to signal ratio (A weighted) : > 80dB
T.H.D.                              : < 0.2%

When listening to a CD in a noisy surrounding, you can hardly hear the
 weak passages and when tuning up the volume, the loud passages become
 too loud. In this case switch on "Dynamic Compression" to compress the
 dynamics of the sound. Now the weak passages are reproduced louder
 and the loud passages less loud.

In the Stop button has been pressed and Resume is switched ON, the
 CD player will start with last played track if you press Play again.
Shuffle plays tracks in random order.
Two repeat modes: repeat CD, repeat shuffle.
Hold switch prevents accidental play interruption.

DC socket        : 6 volts
Line out         : 3.5 mm
Remote control   : 3.5 mm (RC 5)
Stereo headphone : 3.5 mm

Dimensions (wxhxd)   : 142x40x164 mm
Accessories supplied : AC/DC adaptor (SBC6619)
                       Car accessories (SBC3557)
                       HiFi connection cord (SBC1059)
                       CD line in cord (SBC1085)
                         (not for /00 and /05).
External supply      : 6 V DC
                       /00 220V AC to 6V DC
                       /05 240V AC to 6V DC
                       /17 110V AC to 6V DC
                       Cigarette lighter power supply (car use)
                       12V DC to 6V DC
Batteries            : 4x 'AA' or R6

Accessories optional:
SBC1085: CD line in cord
SBC3124: Headband in-ear headphone
SBC3137: In-ear headphone
SBC3206: Active speakers
SBC3207: Active speakers
SBC3208: Active speakers
SBC3546: Car mounting plate
SBC3547: Flexible mounting arm plus car mounting plate
SBC6211: Wire remote control

Multifunction LCD display shows total number of tracks, track being
 played, play mode and ''battery low'' warning.

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