FAQ - Radio + cassette; cassette only

DC-supply connection
Easy to carry around cassette player
Belt clip
Compact portable stereo cassette player with light-weight headphones

Track separation      : 50 dB
Wow and flutter       : 0.21% WRMS
Cassette system       : Compact cassette
Cassette tape         : All types
Head                  : Playback head
Motor                 : DC, electronic control
Signal-to-noise ratio : 45 dB
Tape speed            : 4,76 cm/sec., standard

Fast forward/fast rewind
Automatic stop
Electronic tape speed control
Metal/chrome tape compatible

Output power : ( 1 dB; D <= 10%)
               2 x 20 mWatts

Stereo reproduction via light-wight headphones supplied
Thumbwheel volume control

External power supply : 3 V DC ("-" to centre pin)
Stereo headphones     : 3.5 mm socket

Weight               : T.b.f.
Dimensions (wxhxd)   : 85x120x35 mm approx
Accessories supplied : Stereo headphones
External supply      : 3 V DC
Batteries            : 2x 1.5V batteries, type R6, AA-cell or UM3

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