FAQ - Turntable for midi system

Belt-drive system
MD Pick-up element
Damped tone arm lift
Built-in MD pre-amplifier
DC driven

Tone-arm             : Straight, pivoted
Trackability         :  70 uM at 315 Hz
Tracking error       : 1.5 mm
Turntable diameter   : 287.5 mm
Turntable speeds     : 33 1/3 and 45 r.p.m.
Wow and flutter      : 0.15% (WRMS)
Channel separation   : > 15 dB (at 1 kHz)
Drive system         : Belt drive
Effective arm length : 202 mm
Frequency response   : 50-10,000 Hz
Motor type           : DC
Pick-up cartridge    : MG 2500
Pick-up lift         : Damped
Recomm. stylus force : 30 mN (3.0 gf)
Rumble               : 50 dB
Sensitivity          : 1.7 ~ 3.4 mV/cm/sec (at 1 kHz)
Stylus force         : 30 mN  5 mN
                       (3.0 gf  0.5 gf)
Stylus tip           : Bonded conical 0.6 uM radius
System               : Moving magnet (MM)

2-Speed record player with automatic return. Convenient operation 
 with front-loaded control keys for speed setting, damped  
 ''touchdown'' cuing  and rejection. Automatic end-of-record  stop 
 with tone arm lift and return.
High-stability belt drive system with electronic motor control. 
 Factory balanced and pre-mounted platter with rubber mat.
Pivoted tone arm low-profile asymmetric mounting and mouled
 construction to minimize tone arm resonance and sensitivity to
MD pick-up element with low mass of less than 3 gm.  
Factory-balanced tone arm suspension ensures fully optimized  
 stylus-groove contact.
Dust cover with friction hinges closes over 30 cm disc in playing
 position. 45 r.p.m. disc adaptor with storage pin.
Build-in MD pre-amplifier.

Weight                  : 2-4 kg approx.
Cabinet, general        : Polystyrene base with
                          friction hinged dust cover
Connection cable        : Provided with phono plugs
Dimensions (wxhxd)      : 360x95x350 mm (with closed cover)
Electrical requirements : IEC
Power supply            : 12 V DC

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