FAQ - Clock radio

24 hours alarm reset
Repeat alarm
Wake by radio or buzzer
Red LED display
Slumber facility
Power back-up

Wave ranges : /00:          FM 87.5-108 MHz
              /04:          FM 87,5-108 MHz
                            LW 148.5-283.5 kHz
              /05/01/11/19: MW 525-1607 kHz
              /06:          FM 76.1-89.9 MHz
Aerials     : Ferroceptor for MW (or LW)
              Wire aerial for FM

Sensitive radio reception. Thumbwheel control for easy tuning.
Loud, good quality sound from large large loudspeakers. 
Thumbwheel volume control.
Slumber switch puts on the radio for 59 minutes; can be overridden
 by slumber off switch.

Clock : Electronic

/00/01/04/05/11: 24 clocks
/06/19: 12 hours clock with PM indicators
SPEC_ITEM: Display
LED, red
Precision electronic clock, runs independently of radio.
Forward/reverse time and alarm set buttons . 
Large digital LED display.
Power back-up keeps the clock running if the set is disconnected or the
 mains is interrupted. Display is suppressed.
For /11 version only: the clock runs on quartz, independently from
 mains power frequency.
Choice of alarm mode (radio and buzzer).
Repeat alarm switch to switch off alarm and reset approx. 9-minute
 repeat alarm memory.
Reset alarm switch to switch off alarm for
24 hours: you will be woken at the same time the next day.

Loudspeakers            : 64 mm
Max. output power (RMS) : ( 1 dB; D < 10%)
                          80 mWatt

Weight             : 0.7 kg
Cabinet            : Material: Polystrene
Dimensions (wxhxd) : 216x45x150 mm
Power supply       : AC mains
                     /00/04/05: 230 V, 50 Hz
                     /01      : 120 V, 50 Hz
                     /06      : 100 V, 50-60 Hz
                     /19      : 110/220 V, 60 Hz
                     /11      : 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz

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