FAQ - Port. radio

Design for ease of operation
Super large LCD display for ease of readoud.

AC mains and battery supply
Earphone connection
Metal loudspeaker grill

Tuning system : PLL quartz digital tuning
Wave ranges   : /00: FM 87.5-108 MHz
                     LW 148-284 kHz (2027-1056 m)
                     MW 522-1620 kHz (575-185 m)
                /01: FM 87.5-108 MHz
                     MW 522 - 1620 kHz
Aerials       : Ferroceptor for LW and MW
                Telescopic aerial for FM

PLL Quartz digital tuning system
Electronic memory for 15 presets (5 on FM, 5 on LW, 5 on MW)
Up/down single step and automatic search tuning on all wave bands
LCD display shows frequency, waveband and preset number.
Separate radio on/off switch

Clock : Electronic
        /00: 24 hours clock
        /11: 12 hours clock with AM/PM indicators

Precision electronic clock, runs independently of radio
Alarm by radio and buzzer
Up/down time and alarm setting
Sleep (slumber) facility (90, 60, 30 min)
LCD display shows time, alarm and sleep indications

Loudspeaker       : 90 mm
Output power max. : 0.5 Watts
                    *1 dB
                    D < 10%

Clear sound reproduction
High-efficiency loudspeaker
Thumbwheel type volume control
Tone control

Earphone : 3.5 mm socket

Weight             : 1.1 kg
Cabinet            : HIPS
Dimensions (wxhxd) : 240 x 140 x 80 mm approx.
Power supply       : AC mains (50/60 Hz)
                     /00: 230V
                     /11: 110-127/220-240 V switchable
                     Batteries:     4x1.5V batteries
                                    type R20/D, Cell/UM1

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