. Blackline-S Ultra Flat picture tube.
  The flat screen offers an improved viewing angle and less
  disturbing reflections.
. 100 Hertz Digital Scan.
  Eliminates files and line flicker, resulting in a stable picture
  that makes TV viewing more relaxing for your eyes.
. Cristal Clear
  Combination of advanced electronics that gives a visible clearer
  picture, thanks to:
  - Dynamic contrast (automatically optimizes cantrast of each picture
  - Scavem for improved sharpness
  - Combfilter for cross colour reduction (excl. France)
. Smart controls for sound and picture.
  Easy selection of sound and picture modes.
. Incredible sound, for enhanced stereo effect.
. Easy Text (400 page memory).
  Memorizes the user''s favouite pages automatically and offers 
  immediate access to these pages.
. Easy tune. Easy way of channel selection, thanks to:
  - Auto store and short function
  - ACI (Automatic Channel Installation); by means of a special 
    teletext transmission of local cable operator
  - ATS Europlus
. Design. 
  Clean compact design with soft grey finishing.

Tuner system                  : 100 fold PLL
A/V connections               : PAL B/G
                                PAL I (UK only)
                                SECAM B/G
                                NTSC video play back
Channel selections            : 120 channels VHF, UHF, S-Channels,
Colour transm. syst. Off-air: : /05/19     PAL B/G/I
                                           SECAM B/G/L/L'
                                /01/12     SECAM B/G, SECAM B/G/L
                                           NTSC M
Frequency range               : 47.25-855.25 MHz
Aerial input                  : 75 Ohm (Coax)
Page memory                   : . 400 pages A.I. used for:
                                  - Habit watch, preferred page and
                                    subcode page lists
                                  - Page look up table
Teletext                      : Reception standards: WST/TOP/FLOF

. Easytext with fast acces to preferred pages and subcode page scroll.
. VCR preselections: All presets
. Frequency/Channel selection (Germany and Benelux only)
. Teletext:
  - Easy Text with fast access to preferred pages and 
    subcode page scroll
  - Reception standards: WST/TOP/FLOF
  - Page memory: 400 pages A.I 
    used for: Habit watch, preferred page and subcode page lists
              Page look up table
  - Program independent subtitles

Frequency response  : 20Hz-20kHz, +1/-3 dB (ampl.)
Loudspeakers        : 2x2 squakers 33x129 mm
                      2x tweeter 12 mm
                      subwoofer 4"
Output (total)      : 100W music output
Smart sound control : (6 styles): Standard, Incredible sound, Music,
                                  Movie, Superbass, Personal
Sound system        : 7 speaker HiFi stereo

. Sound:
  - 100W music output
  - Surround sound
  - Dynamic Bass Enhancement
  - 7 Loudspeakers
  - Independent headphone volume control
. Balance control
. Bass/Treble control

Visible diagonal : 68 cm
Image stability  : 100 Hz Digital Scan
Picture tube     : Blackline-S Ultra Flat
Screen diameter  : 29"/72cm FSQ

. Picture
  - Sharpness control (7 steps)
  - Digital noise reduction (4 steps)
  - Tint control (3 steps)
  - Colour Transient Improvement (CTI)
. S-Video display
. Smart image control (4 modes):
  Rich, Natural, Soft, Personal
. Brightness/contrast/colour control

Preselections  : 100
Remote control : . Type          RC8102
                 . Buttons       55
                 . Display type: LCD
Sleeptimer     : up to 90 minutes

. Easy menu-driven installation and operation
. Language selection of menu in 12 languages
. Multi-function RC handset controlling: 
. On screen status display on programmes and functions (OSD)
. Electronic lock preventing unallowed TV watching
. Favourite program selection
. Programmme title display (transmitted by TXT)
. On screen menu display
  - Main menu
  - Picture menu
  - Sound menu
  - Headphone menu
  - Features menu
  - Message menu
  - Timer menu 
  - Installation menu
  - Programme name giving menu
  - Language selection
. Dealer message mode
. Dealer Link; wireless communication for installation and service

Front         : . S-Video in
                . video CVBS-in (cinch)
                . audio L/R-in (cinch)
                . headphone jack 3.5 mm
Rear Audio    : . 2 Audio out constant/variable level (cinch)
                . Front & Surround loudspeakers 8x click fits
Rear Euro A/V : . Euro A/V connector blue (RGB-in, CVBS-in/out)
                  with automatic image format detection
                . Euro A/V connector blue (RGB-in, Y/C-in,
                  with record source-select and automatic image
                format detection
                . Euro A/V connector black (CVBS-in)
Rear Video    : . S-Video-in (hosiden) with 2 audio-in (cinch)
                . S-Video-out (hosiden) with 2 audio-out (cinch)

Weight              : 46 kg (excl. packaging)
Chassis             : 5GFL2.20E
Dimensions (wxhxd)  : 71.2x57.2x51.3 cm (excl. connections)
Ambient temperature : +5/+45 degrees C
Mains               : AC 220-240 V, +/- 10%
Power consumption   : < 148W, standby < 5W

Tone-control cannot be stored correctly (non-Dolby sets)
      When "incredible sound" is activated, tone control has a fixed
      preset. Storing the personal setting of the tone control can only be
      done when "incredible sound" has been switched off.
The bottom left side of picture shows a green teletext symbol
      The bottom left side of picture shows a green teletext symbol whether
      or not the teletext is switched on.
      Subtitling is selected, but the subtitling page is not stored. 
      Switch off the subtitle function by pressing the subtitle knob on the
      remote control (twice), or program the subtitle page (see direction
      for use).
Subpages of teletext do not scroll like older sets do.
      In TV-sets with a GFL-chassis it is possible to choose rotating pages
      by pressing the subcode button on the remote control. The subcode has
      three functions: select a subpage via the menu bar, select on subpage,
      or rotate pages (like old sets).
How to enable/disable "Child Lock"
      Press "MENU" button on Remote Control. When the menu appears on the
      screen, you select "FEATURES" (this expression is language dependent)
      Within "FEATURES", the "CHILD LOCK" can be enabled or disabled.

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